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Saugnapf 40mm mit Metallhaken
Transparent suction cup with metal hook in a variety of sizes.
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Saugnapf 40mm mit Polycarbonat-Haken
Transparent suction cup with polycarbon- hook in a variety of sizes and uses. For example, kitchen towels, oven cloths, bathrobes or bath towels.
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Double suction cup with suction on both ends, to connect with two separate flat surfaces.
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Kugelschreiberhalter 3er Set
Pen holder 3-set in a multitude of colours, for the car or at the office (for example on a magnetic board).
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Transparenter Saugnapf mit Gewinde z.B. 11mm M4
Transparent suction cup with screw for example 11 mm M4. (Metal, plastic nuts, plastic balls are also available).
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Saugnapf mit Schlitz und Querloch
Suction cup with slot and transversal hole, for example with lightstrings (like Christmas lights or windowpane.
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Saugnapf mit Krokoclip
Suction cups with plastic clip. Good for holding towels, signs, notes and paper.
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Saugnapf mit Edelstahlclip 35mm
Suction cup with steel clip for heavier items, for example larger towels, thick cardboard, heavier signs etc.
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