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Suction cup with cable clip

Suction cup with cable clip

The transferring of cables is often a challenging matter with which suckers with cable bells can take very well remedial action — for example, if the planned installation should not be long-lasting, but still professionalism and stability are asked.
Suckers with cable bell can be attached easily on suitable smooth subsoil and the desired cables could be led individually as well as bundled up by the suitable bells, so that they have optimum hold.
The advantage of suckers with cable bells is that they allow an as quick like uncomplicated transfer also of demanding cable routes. Their arrangement can be changed when required easily, and also her distance is very easy, possibly if the cables were moved only for the duration of a company celebration to the music arrangement. But also suckers with cable bells distinguish themselves by durability and loading capacity, so that with them of course also long-term solutions can be moved.

For companies and public institutions from EU!

Within the EU we deliver tax-free to companies with a valid VAT ID!

Our suction cups are all made of a PVC material - phthalate-free!

Our suction cups correspond to the guideline 2011/65/EU of the European parliament and of the Council

Phthalate-free: Complies with 76/769/EEC and 2005/84/EC (articles concerning phthalates in toys and childcare)

Companies and private sector!

It is possible to order one unit. No minimum order. Europe-wide insured DHL shipment with proof.

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